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A Marmite Lamp appears at Studio 36!

In these gloomy days maybe a bit of fun? A large marmite jigsaw puzzle finished in the late hours, too good to be dismantled, is achieving a new identity here.

A combined operation by Studio 36 friends consisted of a packet of sliced bread toasted and photographed, a hunk of wood with holes drilled for an electric wire to be inserted, put on legs by a visiting woodworker, and electrics engineered by a resident artist, and a fringe on the shade by his embroiderer wife, and it is just about ready to light up a somewhat confused melancholy?

Click the image for a better view.

What’s Happening at Studio 36!

Budding Friends at Studio 36

Studio 36 was looking lively as 2020 got into full swing.

Budding Friends from Age UK, fresh from their recent show at the Boatyard Bakery and Café on Exeter Quay were back for their creative mondays at the studio, busily and enthusiastically creating artwork. In June they celebrate their fifth anniversary.

And following on from our successful Mind Flight (2019), Patterns (2017) and Why Not, What If? (2015) productions at St Sidwell’s Centre, plans for our next performance Out Of Context forged ahead.

An eclectic team of poets, musicians, songwriters, artists and a sailor/boatbuider had its first meeting. Watch this space for updates as the project unfolds.

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Sunday at The Studio

We had a great day on Sunday the 24th November, and much enjoyed welcoming new visitors who added to the relaxed atmosphere, as did food provided by Miriam and Ella, music by Joe Skivington and Phil Bonser.

Our Artists from Veronica’s Hay Farm days in the forest of Dean produced lovely work, much appreciated.

MindFlight at St Sidwell’s

Thank you to the many who attended a highly successful evening of MindFlight at St Sidwell’s Exeter on Saturday 14th September and to the team at St Sidwell’s for the delicious food and hospitality they always provide.