Web admin for Studio 36. Also known as songwriter Peter Farrie.

Video: Studio 36 and the Art of Veronica Gosling

In this video Veronica Gosling gives an insight into the varied artwork she creates at Studio 36. This includes ‘During the Night’ prints, sculpture, garden sculpture, paintings, pottery and charcoal drawings.

‘During the Night’ Postcard Books

There are four Postcard Books, each consisting of 11 sketches from the During the Night series by Veronica Gosling.

They are available for £5, to purchase call us on 01392 256206 or use our contact form.

Strange dreams fascinate our imagination, some place psychological understanding first, whilst others see the humour in its entire splendour. During the Night is a series of little sketches by Veronica Gosling, creating a dreamworld of unique unorthodox cliché, oxymorons and paradoxical ideas.

Click an image to explore each book.

1 : Spring into Life

2 : How long is a piece of string?

3 : The dangers of dawn

4 : Intervals need practice