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A Poem by James Turner

A poem constructed by James Turner, with 21 titles from During the Night/Pendant la Nuit, a series of drawings by Veronica Gosling.

The Untamed Sea & Carousel

The cover of The Untamed Sea by Ronald Henriques

Our exhibition ARTICULTURE is over, it was fun, the weather was good, the visitors enthusiastic, and now, after a brief opening of the Gallery for the launch of THE UNTAMED SEA, a book  of illustrations by Ronald Henriques, published by Insider Art.

Ronald Henriques is having a solo exhibition at The Hub, Cathedral Green, Exeter in April 2013.

There are some interesting events in the planning stage and these, if they come to fruition! will be announced in the usual way, but if you feel like a visit feel free to phone Veronica Gosling: 01392 256 206.

During the night – prints

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In the late nineties I had an exhibition called “Words Words Words”. I asked all invited artists to include words in their work and someone asked me what I was doing so I started this series and I have never stopped! It is so free! Fantasy, reality, humour, sadness, anything at night.

They are often derived from scenes I have witnessed, conversations I have had, such as “I dream a potato” and a friend of mine said “last night I dreamed a dream” and I replied “what do you expect to dream – a potato?”.

The During the Night prints are sold with a mount, and are priced at £12.00. There are over 80 in the whole series of prints. Postcard books are available for £5 (11 postcards).

If you wish to buy any of the work, or would like to visit the Gallery to see more, then contact us on 01392 256206 or use our contact form.

Ardyn Griffin

Ardyn Griffin : Artist

Ardyn is a multi-talented artist with a rich imagination and a talent for story telling. Much of Ardyn’s work is inspired by her garden and this influence can be found throughout her paintings and exquisitely painted boxes. Plant motifs, people and animal forms all interlock with a richness of detail and light, akin to a woven tapestry.

Her playful papier maché sculptures are enjoyed by adults and children alike with their humour and diverse, imaginative designs. Cats, birds, boats, sheep, knights, ‘Russian dolls’ and beautiful wall clocks are just some examples but are the tip of the ‘proverbial iceberg’.