Veronica Gosling at Studio 36

The initial impact of entering Studio 36 is a rich, visual experience. It is a personal and stimulating world where art runs riot through the whole house, along corridors and up walls. There seems to be no division between thinking and seeing.

Studio 36, in the heart of St Leonard’s, Exeter was established by Veronica Gosling following her relocation to Devon from The Forest of Dean where she instituted the Barn at Hay Farm Gallery. The description of that as “a secret special place that people find and then want to bring their friends” has been transposed to Studio 36 which now has some of the same reputation.

In addition there is a wild sculpture garden with many objects hanging from trees, including a washing line, bicycles and people.

Since Gallery 36 has become Studio 36 more emphasis and space both indoors and outdoors has been given to Veronica’s work.

Events have led to further ideas, and further happenings: such as an interesting discussion group for artists of one kind and another entitled The Beast Within, where contributing artists talked about the beasts that made them work, stopped them working or altogether stirred up (or destroyed!) the creative urge. This was followed by Pounce, roughly speaking of when thoughts and ideas come to fruition.


As artists of diverse media meet up new ideas emerge and new collaborations are always being formed. A few ideas are in the pipeline at this moment, and Veronica is always open to new and really interesting ideas and skills, such as, for instance, a sound and lighting sculpture in her precipitous tree inhabited garden.

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