Veronica Gosling

Hopeless Toaster

Veronica Gosling went to school in America and England, worked as a journalist for a short while, married psychiatrist Robert Gosling, brought up 5 children, and published 5 novels before the family moved from London to the Forest of Dean where she took up sculpture, assemblage and pottery decoration. She started and ran an informal gallery, THE BARN AT HAY FARM, inviting other artists to show imaginative and experimental work. She now has Studio 36 in Exeter with similar emphasis but has added a sculpture garden.

Are You Quite Sure About This?

About her own work she says:
“I often use animals to express my feelings, especially birds, and horses. It is easier this way to be objective! Like describing one’s feelings in the third person. Also I very often use objects that I have found and that I like because of their texture and their shape and their history, but I then deflect my thoughts from all that and see them simply as forms or shapes that fit into my visual vocabulary. I have always needed to transform that which I see and do into either the written word or into some sort of artistic medium. My father was a writer and my mother a sculptress, although she never exploited her talents fully.”

Selected Exhibitions:

Alwin Gallery, London
Chenil Gallery, London
Contemporary Art Fair, Olympia
Nevill Art Gallery, Bath
Thornbury Art Fair
Eye Gallery, Bristol
Oriel31, Welshpool
Thursday Gallery, Bath
Cirencester Workshop
Guildhall Art Centre, Gloucester
Hereford Museum & Art Gallery
Gloucester Museum & Art Gallery
Wrexham Gallery, Wrexham
Kilvert Gallery, Clyro
Henley Art Space, Oxford Art Week
Bilston Art Gallery, Wolverhampton
Fiery Beacon, Painswick
Chaco Gallery, Hamburg
Celebration of Art, The Maynard School, Exeter
Greenway Barn Gallery, Brixham (National Trust Property)

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