House Lights On!

In this time of lockdown we are featuring a series of contributions from friends of Studio 36 who engage with our mailing list.

This includes writing, artworks, reminiscences, thoughts about Studio 36 and even some vivid COVID-19 dreams!

We are updating this every week and you can catch up with all of those featured thus far in our index.


A new wood painting by Veronica Gosling.

A Marmite Lamp appears at Studio 36!

In these gloomy days maybe a bit of fun? A large marmite jigsaw puzzle finished in the late hours, too good to be dismantled, is achieving a new identity here.

A combined operation by Studio 36 friends consisted of a packet of sliced bread toasted and photographed, a hunk of wood with holes drilled for an electric wire to be inserted, put on legs by a visiting woodworker, and electrics engineered by a resident artist, and a fringe on the shade by his embroiderer wife, and it is just about ready to light up a somewhat confused melancholy?

Click the image for a better view.