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2 New Sculptural Doodles

Young Goose, using the floor of a sadly crashed family dinghy.

“Oh God! Why hast thou Forsaken me?”, a piece of broken branch echoing the violent breaking up of, so many lives in Iraq.

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Open Studio & Sculpture Garden – June 28th – 30th

Norman Bowler

We opened our Studios, the garden was great, the artists keen and we had on the Sunday a performance of voice and music, with Norman Bowler (actor, roles in Softly Softly and Emmerdale) and flautist Ruth Molins giving a rendering of the RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER.

On Saturday Peter Farrie played a short set of his songs and Paul Morris improvised on the piano.

ABOUT THE ARTISTS. Gordon Hill, one time international football referee and educator, has for the last years been experimenting in various media and now is working on wild drawings, faces, and landscapes; Julian Duckham, as always working on tables, shelves, built in and built out, restoration , and so on in his workshop here at Studio 36. Cass Stoddart, turned up here recently to help with anything, with a portfolio of interesting tree drawings and abstract paintings. He’s an Exeter Man, born and bred, educated at Exeter college, he walks on Dartmoor, the South Devon Coast and about town, using his camera to remind him of things to paint, which he says he does on the floor dipping thin bamboo into paint. Veronica Gosling lives and works here on all sorts of things, and enjoys especially hanging things in trees. Deborah Lowe’s stained glass panels are always here, she’s a very old friend of Veronica’s who puts them out at any opportunity: they are so good!

Exhibition of our Collaborative Workshops!

St Sidwell’s 5 collaborative experimental workshops with Penny Somerville and Veronica culminated on May 9th with a vigorous and impressive exhibition. Lengths of drawings, paintings, and collages stretched right around the room hung so that the progress from day 1 to day 5 was made very clear. The volunteers and manager made a huge effort towards the nourishment of guests and display of work, and the Guildhall Slummers Ukelele Band matched with excellence the vibrancy of the art work! Lets hope more such events occur.

We had enjoyed 5 experimental art sessions, experimental in the sense of work, materials, outlooks of 14 different people, facilitated by Penny Somerville a talented and experienced artist and teacher, & Veronica Gosling from Studio 36 helped by Dave Wright and generous members of the St Sidwell’s Community Centre.

The resulting collaborative work, the intensity of those working, has surprised us all. The Focus on what we are doing during 2 hr sessions has resulted in a surprising & exciting output. The silence of the sessions was due only to the extreme concentration of all participants!

Seeing With Hands – Laura’s experience of Studio 36

Laura Baudin and Tim Coles came to Studio 36 to work on a film they are making to promote the establishment of an Institute for blind artists. Laura has been blind from birth and Tim filmed Laura both in the garden and the gallery here as she went round feeling and sensing the sculptures that Tim selected for her.