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It encompasses many materials, but also precious metals and gems. It is experimental, can be provocative, or political, and is wonderfully inventive. 

Whether you explore the modern nostalgia of Jo PondLina Peterson’s playful wooden jewellery, the precision of Daphne Krinos’ exquisite work, the riot of Jillian Moore’s resin jewellery, the delicacy of Kwon Seulgi’s silicone structures, or Mario Albrecht’s jewellery from recycled plastic, there is much to marvel at. Look them up, if you do not know their work. These are just a few of well known makers from around the world. 

My own path to silversmithing evolved from a deep interest in art and crafts. I discovered silversmithing, admiring a brooch a young woman I met was wearing, which she had made. I was fascinated, attended a silversmithing jewellery evening class, was amazed by the tools, hammers, saws, drills, files and more and fell in love with material and process.

I enrolled in a silversmithing course at the School of Art and Design in Bristol and learnt the many different techniques for making jewellery. I have experimented with different materials, acrylic, paper, wood. Still, silver remains my favourite, and my favourite techniques are fusing and reticulation, using heat and layers of silver to pattern and shape. To create shapes, I draw plants and leaves, to learn their details, then search for interesting lines. Although many designs are based on natural shapes, I do not want these to be easily identified.

I am passionate about texture and colour and use dichroic glass to enhance my patterns. Colours and sparkle have seduced me into making flamboyant pieces of jewellery: neckpieces, brooches and cuffs. Each piece is unique and exuberant, and clients say, when worn, empowers them.

Uschi Arens Price 2020

You can view some of Uschi’s work below and on this website.

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