Into 2017 with Studio 36!

Like a dog coming out of water I’m shaking off the seasonal dazzle and tinsel.

Why Not, What If?

Why Not, What If?

Peter Farrie, singer/songwriter is masterminding a new performance of our WHY NOT, WHAT IF? for St Sidwell’s Community Centre on March 22nd. It will be just as much fun with two new, but well-known, poets joining us, Susan Taylor and Simon Williams, Steven Bramble, artist, Fiona Leishman, another poet, the actor Jeff Sleeman and the St Sidwell’s kitchen producing an interlude meal instead of our usual picnic.

All these forbidding notices of what we must not do, or if we do the danger and punishment of doing them, warnings from distant countries as well as our own locality, will enliven the walls around the auditorium.

We have enjoyed our Budding Friends art work done here for Age UK Exeter on Monday afternoons being on display both at the R.D.&E. and at Cartridges solicitors entrance space. The latter gave us a lovely evening opening, pictured below.

If anyone knows of other possibilities for displaying this work, we have lots! 7 groups, 4 days each, all different.

PLANS!!  (for which ideas welcome). An evening based on PATTERNS musical, mathematical, behavioural etc. and a Sunday discussion for artists, “Freedom From Expectation”.

Aside from our open days, publicised well in advance, please contact us if planning to visit, just to make sure it’s convenient.

2 Fun Pieces for the New Year!

by Veronica Gosling

A collaboration with Clive Hurman

The small table pictured is a collaboration between Veronica Gosling and woodworker Clive Hurman, who works with Herefordshire Headway, a charity that supports the adult brain injured. Commissions for similar pieces accepted, please contact us if interested. Dimensions: table top 32.5cm square, height 30cm.

Hurman-Gosling Table

Hurman-Gosling Table

A successful Sunday at Studio 36!

Our open day on 27th November was a great success, there was fine music from Joe Skivington & Phil Bonser, lots of lively conversation, a café with tasty soup & cakes and much artwork being perused and purchased.