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A Mischief of Magpies

We were sold out for this event which was a great success!

A Beginner’s Guide to Birds through the Seasons drew on the rich traditions of birds in songs and in folklore. A Mischief of Magpies mixed old and new ballads, and ancient songs with new arrangements, offered on some extraordinary instruments and interwoven with spoken words and ornithological poetry. Together the Magpies weaved a nest of bright, shiny and surprising things which happened to have caught their eyes and ears.

A Mischief of Magpies is a collaboration between multi-musicians Nick Peed and Philip Robinson of “A Bold Set of Ruffians” (amongst many other bands), and Pippa Marriott, writer, reader and twitcher.

Patterns at St Sidwell’s!

Thank you to everyone who came along to our performance of Patterns – an exploration in words, image, music and dance at St Sidwell’s Community Centre on Sat October 21st. We’ve had lovely feedback from the full and enthusiastic audience and you can see a selection of images from the night below:

What a wonderful show!

A great night!

Patterns poster by Gordon Hill
Louise Clark & Amerie Rose
Veronica Gosling's introduction
The compère - Jeff Sleeman
Clare Bryden & Louise Clark
Mike Ludgrove's sea tales
Peter Nickol & Ruth Molins
James Turner
Audience participation!
Peter Farrie
Peter Nickol & Amerie Rose
Felix May
Ruth Molins
Jeff Sleeman
Peter Farrie's bathroom floor
Amerie Rose
Jeff Sleeman & Clare Bryden
Curtain call!
Thanks St Sidwell's!
Patterns poster by Gordon Hill

3 flutes explored Studio 36 on 5th November

Ruth Molins‘ flute trio Flute Cake performed Ruth’s new music: Make Room in and around the rooms, galleries and gardens of Studio 36. Click the photos to expand.

A collaboration with Clive Hurman

The small table pictured is a collaboration between Veronica Gosling and woodworker Clive Hurman, who works with Herefordshire Headway, a charity that supports the adult brain injured. Commissions for similar pieces accepted, please contact us if interested. Dimensions: table top 32.5cm square, height 30cm.

Hurman-Gosling Table

Hurman-Gosling Table

Past Collaborations

Why Not, What If?
Art, songs, drama, poetry, music, videography on the theme of DON’T. Featured James Turner, Laura Baudin, Tim Coles, Jeff Sleeman, Peter Farrie, Ardyn Griffin, Steven Bramble, Gordon Hill & Veronica Gosling.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Recitation by the well-known actor Norman Bowler with music by flautist Ruth Molins.

Time and Distance
Interpreted by flautist Susie Hodder-Williams, clarinettist Chris Caldwell, with texts performed by James Turner

Play To The Moon
Songs, music, video projections & drawings with Philip Robinson, Vaughan Gallavan..

Dinner with Krishnamurti
Readings and a vegetarian feast

Adjusting The Contrast
Poetry from Susan Taylor, Simon Williams, original songs by Peter Farrie & Katie Whitehouse

Here And Now
Unique interpretations in music, sound, poetry, technology etc…

Empty Houses Are Full Of Noises
A site-specific sonic event 

Don Quixote
Verses and reverses with Ralph Rochester, Stella Quilley, Peter Reeves, guitarist John Sherlock and others

A cabaret on the theme of the wild boar

My Bohemia
Readings, songs, drama