House Lights On … Peter Grainger

My own artistic activities in the last six years have mainly been abstract painting and occasional ceramics, but I have always enjoyed a wide range of exhibitions and other visual art events. My visits to Studio 36 over the years have been an inspiration to be creative myself, and especially to bring a smile or question mark when viewing. My own abstract painting is expressive and intuitive, with no pre-design element involved. The end result is always strong on colour and usually ambiguous in how it can be read, with unanswered questions for the viewer to mull over. I now may add collage or mixed media to increase the complexity. Whilst not abstraction from anything conscious I believe everything from the subconscious is linked to past experiences, observations and memories. In my case these tend to be the positives in life such as my love of hiking, food growing, cooking (and eating), environmental concerns, birdwatching, geology, etc etc….

Peter Grainger

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