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Ganges to the Ganges, via Ganges with Naomi Hart – Postponed

This event has been postponed until further notice.

A word that sparked a journey of thousands of miles over 3 years, Naomi Hart was drawn to the poetry of the name, Ganges, and the link with her mother, who grew up in Ganges, British Columbia. While living in Ganges, France, Naomi decided to embark on a sketchbook journey of discovery of all the places called Ganges in the world.

From documenting a 24 hour ferry journey through Bangladesh, meeting the people who live on the shifting mudflats and see their homes and crops washed away with the power of the annual snowmelt and experiencing one of the worst cyclones of recent years, to learning to enjoy the slow pace of Indian railways and finding family history in Kolkata, Naomi’s sketchbooks are a vivid record of her travels.

In this slideshow she will share her sketchbook images of the Bangladesh and Indian part of her journey, from the great floodplain of the Ganges Delta, up through Kolkata, Murshidabad, Varanasi and into the foothills of the Himalayas. Images of the people and places will be brought to life with tales of the journey and some of her writing.

£5 – bring a picnic and please book ahead as space will be limited.

Event starts 7pm

Rajah, Naomi Hart, 2007

Coffee Tables

These coffee tables were produced in collaboration with Julian Duckham.

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The Story of Skeleton Woman – May 25th

We had a very successful and well attended performance of ‘The Story of Skeleton Woman’, by the performance group, Bone Song featuring Jade Moon, Susan Taylor, Rebecca Mayes and Carolan Grzesinski. It was great having them and they appreciated the setting. Their (edited) comments are shown in italics below:

“The Exeter Showing of The Story of Skeleton Woman at Studio 36 was a delight to perform. The audience was very appreciative of, and in, the unusual setting. Our host, Veronica Gosling, freed her home and garden up to our picnics, which we enjoyed, all around her gallery, house, and sculptural gardens.

Many stayed to participate in the after show discussion, which reached unusual depths related to and springing from the Skeleton Woman story. It was an extremely interesting and stimulating evening.

Thank you to all who attended.”

Simon Williams Book Launch – Performance – Talk-Picnic!

SATURDAY May 18th 2013 – Studio 36 – 7pm – Free entry

Simon Williams – Bard of Exeter

SIMON WILLIAMS, Bard of Exeter 2013, poet, author of numerous books, lecturer, leader of creative writing workshops in prisons, schools and colleges, singer, participant in many interesting musical & poetic collaborations, speaker at WAYS WITH WORDS, (Dartington), will be reading from his new publication HE/SHE in the Studio on May 18th.

HE/SHE is a witty collection of prose poems around the lives of a quirky young man and woman who seem to be living in a humorous & SLIGHTLY surreal world. Amusement and surprise are in each of his delightful pieces. As Simon is a skilled performer this will be very good!

Simon lives with his poet wife, Susan Taylor, on Dartmoor.

PHILIP KUHN , historian, poet, designer, bookbinder, and founder of itinerant press which has published Simon’s book and 14 others, will give one of his fascinating talks about bookbinding and his philosophy for his press. He will show examples of books and techniques involved. It will be very interesting.

Between talk and performance visitors are invited to bring a picnic & sit about inside or outside, depending on the weather.

PLEASE book as space is limited. Simon will also be available from 2pm for anyone who can’t make the evening performance.

Veronica Gosling 01392 256 206

Susan Taylor, Simon’s wife will be performing the following Saturday May 25th in Skeleton Woman please book for same reasons of limited space.

Projects brewing for 2013!

After the Christmas and New Year holidays Studio 36 is now open once again, by appointment. Various intriguing and exciting projects are brewing for 2013 and we welcome further ideas for happenings throughout the year!