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Budding Friends are back

Regular Studio 36 Budding Friends art sessions are back. Here they are producing some amazing work in their first get-together of the season. Click to expand the pictures.

Budding Friends is an Age UK Exeter project that supports people with dementia to find ways to live well and enjoy life.

Patterns at St Sidwell’s!

Thank you to everyone who came along to our performance of Patterns – an exploration in words, image, music and dance at St Sidwell’s Community Centre on Sat October 21st. We’ve had lovely feedback from the full and enthusiastic audience and you can see a selection of images from the night below:

What a wonderful show!

A great night!

Patterns poster by Gordon Hill
Louise Clark & Amerie Rose
Veronica Gosling's introduction
The compère - Jeff Sleeman
Clare Bryden & Louise Clark
Mike Ludgrove's sea tales
Peter Nickol & Ruth Molins
James Turner
Audience participation!
Peter Farrie
Peter Nickol & Amerie Rose
Felix May
Ruth Molins
Jeff Sleeman
Peter Farrie's bathroom floor
Amerie Rose
Jeff Sleeman & Clare Bryden
Curtain call!
Thanks St Sidwell's!
Patterns poster by Gordon Hill

3 flutes explored Studio 36 on 5th November

Ruth Molins‘ flute trio Flute Cake performed Ruth’s new music: Make Room in and around the rooms, galleries and gardens of Studio 36. Click the photos to expand.