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In the late nineties I had an exhibition called “Words Words Words”. I asked all invited artists to include words in their work and someone asked me what I was doing so I started this series and I have never stopped! It is so free! Fantasy, reality, humour, sadness, anything at night.

They are often derived from scenes I have witnessed, conversations I have had, such as “I dream a potato” and a friend of mine said “last night I dreamed a dream” and I replied “what do you expect to dream – a potato?”.

The During the Night prints are sold with a mount, and are priced at £12.00. There are over 80 in the whole series of prints. Postcard books are available for £5 (11 postcards).

If you wish to buy any of the work, or would like to visit the Gallery to see more, then contact us on 01392 256206 or use our contact form.

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