House Lights On … Paul Carter

It was very kind of you to let me play the piano when I last visited Studio 36, but I guess in the light of the current situation, I may have to simply stand two metres from the door and attempt to sing the tune of Mozart’s Alla Turca, while dressed as a brent goose. It was most enjoyable to walk around the studio during Art Week Exeter and provided an interesting and compelling window into the visions of the various contributors. If there’s anything you need, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I’m now off to buy all the toilet rolls in the city, so that I can make a ten foot papier mache sculpture of Zeus.

Music has always been an intermittent part of my life, whether it be songwriting or creating instrumental compositions. I don’t consider myself much of an expert, but sometimes on a day off, I’ll record a few tracks and then listen to them in the evening with a glass of Shiraz. I think the current science fiction influenced global situation is an ideal time to create one’s own works as historically it has been the role of culture to provide a mirror or response to external circumstances, such as was the case with the emergence of Dadaism during the First World War.

Doodles from Paul Carter

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